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We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Customized hearing solutions, tailor-made to fit your lifestyle, budget, and hearing goals are our specialty. Our patients come first, period. Dedicated to quality hearing care, Ko’olau Audiology strives to provide a comfortable, informative office atmosphere. We are here to ensure your hearing success.

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Our Audiologist

Ko’olau Audiology and Hearing Aid Services was formed by Peggy Failla and Terilyn Wong on April 1, 2010, to provide hearing assessment and rehabilitation along with hearing aid dispensing by licensed, professional audiologists on the windward side of Oahu. Both Peggy and Teri are raising their families on the windward side of Oahu, taking time to enjoy community and school activities, picnics, and walks on the beach, even while meeting the needs of their valued patients.


Peggy Failla

Peggy Failla


Peggy Failla brings her expertise from working at the Emory University Clinic in Atlanta. As a Board Certified Audiologist, she has provided hearing testing and hearing aid fittings through various clinics, Ear, Nose and Throat physician offices, and educational settings. Peggy later started the Audiology Department at Castle Medical Center, where she worked for 15 years as head of the department.

Terilyn Wong

Terilyn Wong


Terilyn Wong brings over 25 years of experience as a Board Certified Audiologist, providing hearing evaluations and the fitting and dispensing of hearing aids to communities across Oahu. She has worked in private medical and audiological practices and was a clinical supervisor at the University of Hawaii’s Audiology program.

A Word

Why Choose Ko’olau Audiology?

Your goals are our goals. We promise to work closely with you to discover where you are having the most difficulty communicating. Then, we will collaborate with you to determine the best solution to increase your ability to hear and understand in the situations you describe. If that solution includes hearing aids, then we are committed to recommending the technology that:


  1. Works best for your level of hearing loss.
  2. Complements your lifestyle.
  3. Fits within your budget.
  4. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

– Peggy Failla & Terilyn Wong

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